Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canisius' Catechism And The Counter Reformation

On the 16th of Aug. 1584, the curate Erhard, by advice of the Jesuit Cardaneus, drew up Latin regulations for the future conduct of the curates of Nicolsburg. In which is maintained, that on account of heresy, the mother of blindness and ignorance, the people became rude and less pious; that it was no wonder, since heresy destroys piety, which is the gift of the Holy Ghost, not existing out of the Catholic Church. That on account of that rudeness they sought to work out something by speaking German during the partaking of the sacrament.
It is likewise ordered that shrove tickets should be distributed, and, after Easter, called in by three authorised persons, to ascertain whether all had been to the confessional.
A non-catholic, or one who had not been to confession at Easter, was not to have christian burial, nor to be admitted as a godfather. The clergy are also reminded, that it is their solemn duty to lead a sober, chaste, and unblameable life; and diligently to teach Canisius' catechism to the young, and insist upon their regular attendance at church: for since the Lutherans are so diligent to instill into their children their abominable doctrine, the Catholic clergy ought not to be behind them in zeal.

Link (here) to the book entitled,
The Reformation and Anti-Reformation in Bohemia, by Christian Adolph Pescheck.

Photo of Canisius' Catechism (here)

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