Saturday, August 22, 2009

“I Will Always Have Time For The Jesuits”

In August 1990. A Jesuit scholastic, while writing about Mother Teresa and Jesuits, dropped in to see her not knowing that she was in retreat. She did see him. While he apologized for disturbing her, she just smiled and said,
“I will always have time for Jesuits.”
When she heard that the scholastic was from Calcutta, she became almost chatty and continued,
“Being a priest is not enough, being a good priest is important…. The Jesuit vocation is a very special type of religious vocation, called to a great spirituality. The Society has given many saints to Mother Church. You are called to aim at nothing less….”

Link (here) to a neat site on Mother Theresa

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To all the Jesuit readers out there. Thank you.