Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Book About Liberation Theology, Communism, Central Americian Politics, Jon Sobrino, Pedro Arrupe And The University of Central America


Anonymous said...

Given all of the Cuban exile children under his supervision as a HS Principal in the late 60's and early 70's, Fr. Beirne (and others there) could certainly have been more forthcoming about his conflict of interest. Now I understand that he might have been quite content that over 1/3 of the Cuban population ended up in exile opposing and victimized by what Jesuits like him defended. Enrique

Anonymous said...

See what John Paul II said about that.

Except for rump liberals that call themselves christians (their real religion is left liberal humanism) and rump bolshevists in Moscow on the Hudson and Leningrad on the Potomac, lib theology is in the dustbin of history, right down there with marxist leninism.

God bless Enrique and all free Cubans that were screwed by such priests and Washington.

TonyD said...

Agreed. It does seem that "liberal humanism" has too often displaced genuine inspiration.

Of course, I have the same complaint about "conservatives on the right."