Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seeking Jesuit Direction

I am also seeking direction with a Jesuit Priest, I am not sure if it will work but I am going to see him for a few sessions and see how it works out.
He loaned me a book called, When the Well Runs Dry” and for the small amount of time I had to read it – I really like it. After speaking with him, I realize that just because I feel like I am walking in a desert; it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing.
Jesus often retreated to the desert for days and days to pray and fast. The Jesuit said that the spiritual desert is where God purifies our souls, often providing us with an oasis here and there. In retrospect, I agree with that statement, this past few months have been like that for me, really dry but then at the most unsuspecting moments a glimmer of consolation and peace.

Link (here) to the full post entitled Week One from the blog entitled The Grace of Temperance. The blogs author is Kellie Ann

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