Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jesuit Volunteer Used To Organize Political Protest?

The last week has allowed me to prove to myself countless times how utterly unqualified I am for the myriad of projects that I have decided to undertake. I poked and prodded at compost, researched endlessly Maritime Northwest gardening practices, and contemplated harnessing the 37 inches of rain a year to flush our downstairs toilet.
At work I am redesigning the Real Change Organizing Project website, developing a new logo, and creating a new organizing strategy for the Greater Seattle Area. It should be noted that I don’t even remember the last time I organized a birthday party let alone a thousand person protest.
Regardless I have taken to diving headfirst into every project. After a week the compost is a pile of garbage, the garden has yet to be built, and there was 60 day stretch this summer without rain. The logo is little more than a couple of rough sketches, I am reviewing website tutorials because I don’t speak HTML, and the executive director of Real Change shot down most of our organizing ideas. So where does this leave me exactly?

Link (here) to the full post by the Jesuit Volunteer Niko Simonson, his blog is entitled $80.00 a Month.


Nick said...

Thanks for the web traffic. Not sure if this is good or bad. The link that you made from my name is not me so if you would kindly change it or remove it. Thanks.

Joseph Fromm said...


I unlinked your name. Do you have a better link? Web traffic is every thing!