Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jesuit Marriage Preparation Courses

Jesuit marriage preparation courses were started way back in 1952 by Fr Michael Moloney S.J. in what was then called the "Workers College" but is now renamed the "National College of Ireland ". They were carried on under the directorship of Fr Des Reid S.J. and then under the prolific best selling author on marriage in his day Fr Tony Baggott S.J.

In their heyday, they could have had up to 100 couples meeting over 8 Sundays evenings covering different aspects of marriage with a variety of experts. Their rich tradition and wisdom has been carried on into the late eighties and early nineties by Fr Bill Callanan S.J. and his team and from 1994 into the present century by Fr Myles OReilly S.J. and the present team.

The present form of Jesuit marriage preparation courses incorporates the best of its heritage and adapts to modern day circumstances. Much of its strength lies in the honesty , openess, generosity, faith and reflective qualities of its presenting couples and the expertise of its team in specific areas.

Link (here) to the Irish, Jesuit Marriage Preparation Courses

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