Monday, August 17, 2009

The Jesuit Fish

On August 2 Saint Francis Xavier Parish came together to celebrate its hundredth anniversary. St Francis, located at 52nd and Troost, is the only Jesuit Parish in the city of Kansas City, Missouri. The Mass of Celebration was led by the present pastor Fr Matt Ruhl, SJ, with his fellow Jesuit priests who were either once residents at St Francis or else are presently employed at Rockhurst University or High School, the main Jesuit Institutions in Kansas City.

Fr Ruhl’s rousing homily spoke not only of the dedication of the St Francis Parish over the past century, but also of its grace and beauty, which without a doubt shall continue into the next hundred years. The music, performed by the Parish Choir, resounded off the walls of the aptly named “fish church”, due to its fish-like shape.

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