Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Should Not The Murder Be Sent To Prison Longer Than 15 Years?

Russian prosecutors Monday demanded a 15-year prison term for a man found guilty in the killing of a Jesuit priest in October 2008. A Russian justice spokesman was cited by the Interfax agency as divulging details after a jury had found the man guilty in the bludgeoning death of the Jesuit priest, Victor Betancourt, 42. The jury accepted the evidence that the accused, under the influence of alcohol and in the heat of the moment, had killed Betancourt with a dumbbell...... Prosecutors had charged that the man also killed a further member of the Jesuit order, Otto Messmer from Germany, in order to cover up the first killing. But the jury aquitted the accused on that charge. The two Jesuits were members of a Germany-based charity group called Renovabis involved in aid projects in Eastern Europe.

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