Friday, August 21, 2009

Ignatius Press Is On The Move

Ignatius Press is the largest publisher in English of current Catholic leading theologians, including Joseph Ratzinger, Henri De Lubac, Hans Urs von Balthasar, plus the distributor of hundreds of other Catholic books, not to mention the magazines Catholic World Report and Finally this year, in May, 2009, the renovation and move were complete and this summer, the executive work of Ignatius Press takes place in the firehouse (brass firepole included) on 1348 Tenth Avenue.

Much of the work of the press is done elsewhere - printing in Michigan, order taking in Colorado, copy editing and proofreading at copy editors’ and proofreaders’ homes.

But the executive work – decisions about which books to publish, how to market them, the layout decisions – are made at the San Francisco headquarters.

The biggest project now is converting all new titles and much of the backlist to electronic format—both as e-books and as downloadable audio files. “Within the next 12 months, we should have all our new titles and the most popular titles of our backlist ready to download and read in Kindle or similar devices,” says Father Joseph Fessio, the founder of Ignatius Press.

Read the full article (here) at The California Catholic Daily

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