Monday, February 14, 2011

A Jesuit Of Nearly Two Centuries Aso

Many priests belonging to religious orders had their own unique habits. 
Seen here is Father John Pinasco (1837-1897),
an Italian-born Jesuit who served as President of both the University of Santa Clara 
and the University of San Francisco. 
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TonyD said...

The broken link is:

This reminds me that I should make an effort to go visit the mission/campus in Santa Clara. I've only been there once in the past 20 years. The mission gardens were always well maintained, and maybe I'll be able to enjoy them now that I'm not so worried about flunking any classes.

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, McNamara is back? I thought the blog was shut down. How womderful!

TonyD said...

Stopped by Santa Clara today. Didn't see anyone dressed like Fr. Pinasco. :)

Sure has changed there. I was lost with more buildings, bigger buildings, and the missing bowling alley. And the Mission garden sure seems less garden-like now that it is more surrounded by landscaped buildings (and the hedges used to be higher, which contributed to the garden feeling.) I guess I prefered the old Santa Clara. I probably won't go back again.