Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Putting The Jesus Back Into Jesuit

There are in fact some very interesting and smart and effective and orthodox Jesuits abroad. For example, take a look at a very interesting group blog, Whoseover Desires, run by some younger Jesuits in various stages of formation. I recommend visiting regularly. They’re one group among many in the Society who are putting the Jesus back into Jesuit. May they prosper. 
Link (here) to  R.R. Reno and read his full post at the First Things blog, First Thoughts

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TonyD said...

I read the referenced blog, “Whoseover Desires”, and mostly agree. We should be trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

But how we try to overturn it is critical. If we use coercive techniques – even if those techniques are generally accepted by our political and legal system – we are not acting in an appropriately Catholic manner. Electing politicians who make laws that do not reflect community values is ignoring God’s values. We should respect community values.

Roe vs. Wade should be overturned using a variety of techniques. We should provide good options for people. We should help them understand our perspective (as we should understand theirs.) We should, ourselves, be trying to genuinely serve the public – it is not appropriate to deny an option that a community desires. God gave us free will and judgment. We can, and sometimes should, use that judgment to take away others free will. But this is certainly not one of those times.

I would add that the significance of this issue far exceeds abortions. Sadly, many lack the humility to understand how little they know about God’s values. They don’t understand that their coercive techniques are seen as how they would treat God in all the areas that His values differ from their own – and, trust me on this, His values are very different from ours. In addition, this existence is set up to allow you to use free will to coerce other groups of people. That is how you are judged. Ignore me at your peril. I’m doing all that I can.