Sunday, February 13, 2011

Archbishop Terrence Pendergast, S.J. "Skilled Spiritual Captain "

Archbishop Terrence Pendergast, S.J.
On September 10, 2009, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ratified a massive financial settlement for clerical child abuse victims in Nova Scotia; this “unprecedented” settlement was negotiated by Bishop Raymond Lahey. The decision extended financial compensation to abuse victims, ensured strict public confidentiality regarding the details of the thirty-nine abuse cases, and placed a significant burden on the lay faithful who are expected to share the financial costs of the settlement.7 According to police allegations, the very bishop who played a critical role in concluding this landmark settlement was, five days later, caught transporting child porn from a foreign country.8 Bishop Lahey’s trips to countries notorious for child pr@stitution and his evasive answers triggered concerns by a border agent who ordered a search on his laptop computer.9 If police allegations prove to be true, it will be a tragic symbol of ecclesial failure: a shepherd called to oversee reconciliation with abuse victims turns out to be plagued with an appetite for porn@graphy dealing in the criminal exploitation of children.10  Caught in the middle of the media furor over these allegations are two outstanding leaders in the Canadian Catholic Church today. Archbishop Anthony Mancini is at the center of the storm since Lahey’s diocese has been brought under his jurisdiction. 
In Ottawa, Canada’s capital, Archbishop Terence Prendergast, S.J. is dealing with unexpected fallout due to the fact that Lahey was arrested in his diocese and now seeks sanctuary there while his legal proceedings unfold. 
Both men are gifted leaders. Archbishop Mancini is noted for his exemplary work in pastoral psychology and ministry to priests. He is a bishop who embodies Newman’s motto, always ready to speak “heart to heart.” Archbishop Prendergast, S.J. is a seasoned biblical scholar and a straight-talking dedicated shepherd—the kind of tough, hard-hitting, skilled spiritual captain who inspires confidence in the hockey-hallowing hearts of Canadians.
Link (here) to the extremely well written article by Daniel Cere at  the Homiletic and Pastoral Review on the abuse scandal and the fallout from it.

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