Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Big Ten

The Jesuit-run University of San Francisco is among 14 Catholic colleges or universities in the U.S. hosting productions this year of the controversial play “The V@gina Monologues,” The Cardinal Newman Society reports.

Of the 14 Catholic schools identified by The Cardinal Newman Society, 10 are run by the Jesuits.

“Since CNS began protesting the Monologues in 2003, performances have dropped from a high of 32,” said a news item posted on the Newman Society’s website. “But on some Catholic campuses, the Monologues has become an annual display of defiance against traditional marriage and s@xual morality.

“Catholic colleges that host this play -- some of them repeatedly -- should be ashamed of the obvious contradiction with their Catholic identity,” said Patrick J. Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society. “Most Catholic colleges have rejected the Monologues and found much better ways of seriously addressing women’s issues.”

According to The Cardinal Newman Society, 
“The Monologues favorably describes l@sbian activity, m@sturbation and the reduction of s@xuality to selfish pleasure. Promoted by the organization V-Day and performed to support the end to violence against women, often as a fundraiser for women’s shelters, the good intentions of the performers are undermined by the play’s obscene and demeaning content.”

“CNS informed Catholic college and university leaders that their institutions are listed as performing the Monologues, either at or by another published source,” said the Society’s news item. “CNS alerted the institutions about the obscene nature of the play and asked college leaders to confirm whether or not the Monologues are indeed taking place.”

The Cardinal Newman Society based its list on listings on the website or elsewhere on the Internet. In addition to the University of San Francisco, The Cardinal Newman identified the following Catholic colleges or universities as hosting The V@gina Monologues in 2011:
Bellarmine University
Boston College
College of Saint Rose
College of the Holy Cross
DePaul University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
John Carroll University
Loyola University Chicago
Marquette University
Saint Mary’s College (IN)
Seattle University
University of Detroit Mercy

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