Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fr. Jerry Linder, S.J. In Court

In a stunning admission Wednesday, a Catholic church employee testified that the Los Gatos priest attacked by a man who claimed the cleric s@xually molested him as child is indeed on a list the church keeps of alleged molesters. 
The acknowledgment by Mary Margaret Roehm won't change the fact that Judge David A. Cena is likely to decide by the end of the day there is enough evidence to order Will Lynch to stand trial later this year for the revenge beating. But by quickly drawing out damaging information about the Rev. Jerry Lindner, Lynch's attorney Pat Harris is on his way to achieving several goals. 
The admission could create sympathy for Lynch, making it tougher for the prosecution to win a unanimous verdict on the assault charge. It also lends Lynch's molestation charge credibility. Not least of all, it also furthers the agenda of Lynch and other alleged victims of Lindner, who want to use the trial to ''out'' Lindner. About 25 protesters marched outside the courthouse Wednesday, bearing signs that read, "Jail Father Jerry,''  "Sacred Heart Jesuit Religious Center: Rapist Resort'' and "Help Free Willy.''
Link (here) to the full article with pictures of the protest at the courthouse. 

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