Monday, February 7, 2011

Texas A & M Verses Marquette

Texas A&M is a special place, culturally; in many respects, it seems to have skipped the ‘60s, such that its 21st-century life is in palpable continuity with its past. That’s a deeply Catholic cultural instinct, which St. Mary’s has seized to build a program that is a model for the entire country.A commenter notes, sourly:
Prediction: in 50 years the American Catholic Church will be dumbfounded by the amount of time, resources and energy it spent building a system of higher education that produced....almost nothing. I exaggerate only slightly.
The fundamental virtue at A & M is that the Catholic Campus Ministry there is actually Catholic, while the Campus Ministry at Marquette is liberal/left and politically correct. At Marquette, promoting the g@y agenda and demonstrating against the School of the Americas seem to be the first two priorities.

But an authentic Catholicism is attractive to young people, who may have fallen away a bit from the religion views of their parents (which might be Protestant, secular, or bland, nominal Catholicism) but are looking for meaning in their lives.

But to attract people, a Catholic ministry has to actually be Catholic. Nominally Catholic political correctness won’t hack it.
Link (here) to the Marquette Warrior


Anonymous said...

These commentators who point to the huge numbers at very conservative Catholic events vs. the dwindling few leftists overlook half the puzzle, and I hear this even from conservative priests of the older generation: many, many in the "real conservative" throngs have humble intellectual gifts.

The Church, which once enriched each and every one of the sciences with the works of its priests, is dying with these right-wing automatons, albeit in a less visible way.

Anonymous said...

Don't lump Creighton in with Marquette!

Creighton, today, is more Catholic and Jesuit then it has ever been.