Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fordham's Sara Kugal On The "Intrinsic Root" In Jesuit Teachings

"However, there has, for years, been reluctance to support the V-Day production because it contains a well-known monologue that appears to celebrate a s@xual encounter between an adult and a minor under the influence of alcohol. We have been informed by past show organizers that this monologue cannot be removed." "To say the play has no place on a Catholic campus is a perspective that completely fails to note its value to an academic setting and its intrinsic root in Jesuit teachings," Sara Kugel, FCRH '11, president of USG, said in response to such claims. 
"The concept behind The V@gina Monologues is to empower women to speak and share their experiences. [The] V@gina Monologues deals with uncomfortable topics, yes, I won't deny that because that is its purpose." "The play is supposed to leave the audience bothered, disturbed and enlightened," Kugel continued.  
"Isn't that exploration of truth, the acknowledgment of tragic aspects of the human experience, actions that we, as members of a Catholic university should promote rather than shrink away from? It is the acceptance and understanding of these truths that allow us, and further motivate us, to make the world a safer, more just place for all."
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