Friday, February 18, 2011

Private University On The Hill Is Impenetrable

Seattle University Ariel View
Seattle University deserves commendation for taking a page from the successful Harlem Children's Zone and broadening a partnership with Bailey Gatzert Elementary to a Youth Initiative spanning 100 blocks. For many residents in the Central Area, the private university on the hill is impenetrable. Many do not envision their children could attend the school or their community use the campus. Seattle U is smart to seek to change that misperception. In addition to the tutoring and after-school programs university students have supplied Gatzert for 20 years, parents and neighbors can look to Seattle U for a broad range of assistance, including health-care assistance from the nursing program and legal aid from the law school. Seattle U's timing is perfect. The community around the university faces youth violence and incarceration rates among the highest in the city. A third of the families live in poverty; more than 90 percent of the elementary school's children qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch.
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