Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unfortunatly There Is A List

 On cross-examination, Harris said, "you gave two reasons why they are there. But there's a third reason, isn't there,'' he asked. "We do have Jesuits that have been sent to Sacred Heart for different reasons,'' Roehm said.Lynch said "one of the reasons is they are accused of or convicted of molestation,'' adding, "And you understand that about Father Lindner, is that correct?'' "Yes," Roehm said. 
Later, Lynch pursued the issue further, asking Roehm if the east wing, rather than the infirmary wing, was where "they keep the molesters.''  
"We have a Jesuit in the infirmary who is on the list,'' Roehm said. "So there's a list of molesters?'' Harris asked, drawing an objection from Gemetti that the judge sustained.
Link (here) to the full story at Contra Costa Times.

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