Friday, February 25, 2011

Jesuit On The Vocations Destroyer

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. reduces the problem of the Enneagram to its foundation: "We humans cannot save ourselves, Salvation is a free gift of God's grace which no human can earn." Neither is he convinced that the Enneagram can be purged of its occult roots or ever be acceptable for Christian use. In his experience, everyone who shared their excitement with the Enneagram also practiced one or more of the following: Zen, transcendental meditation, numerology, tarot, or astrology. Mixing these practices with Christianity is really no different than Santerria, where voodoo is awkwardly combined with certain aspects of Catholicism. Pacwa is unequivocal in his warning: "No Jesuit from my class, except myself, who took the Enneagram teaching is still a Jesuit today. All have left the priesthood."
Link (here) to Catholic Culture to read the full article by Mary Jo Anderson


TonyD said...

As has often been said, God has essentially no respect for people here. I’ve meet many hundreds of people, and they were not well regarded. In fact, I’ve only met two people who were respected. Both were women, and neither was religious. One practiced “new age” medicine, and didn’t seem particularly “spiritual” except in her dedication to the care of her patients. The other took excessive drugs routinely, got tattoos, hung-out with the “wrong crowd”, and would be described by our society as “confused” or “directionless” or a “bad influence”. She did, however, show a dedication to trying to help her “loser” friends. Based on our society’s values, neither was particularly remarkable, and I know of no church that would have considered them to be role models. Yet they got direct and indirect help in achieving their underlying goals and lessons (although not what they thought they valued.)

There is also a “second tier” of individuals, and they include many religious people. I would not describe them as respected. They, too, get direct and indirect help, both hidden and unhidden. The part that is unhidden is constructed to be consistent with their beliefs.

Often, for this second tier in particular (who need more help and bring more suffering upon themselves and others) there is a desire to explain more. But there is too much that they have made themselves unable to hear.

Andrew said...

Thank God for Fr. Pacwa!

Anonymous said...

Father Pacwa should lead a new Catholic Ordinate like the Anglicans only this one for Jesuits