Saturday, February 26, 2011

Partisan Jesuit Volunteers I wrote in "Marked for life," is the effect on the volunteers. They become engaged, informed members of their community and country (one former Jesuit Volunteer became a Senator--Bob Casey of PA). But here's the rub: Being in contact with the poor day in and day out and living simply without much money leads volunteers to empathize with the poor, so these engaged citizens know just how important all the programs that serve the poor are.  There’s a sidebar to the print version of "Marked for life" that didn’t make it online. It compares former Jesuit volunteers to the general population of college graduates. Former volunteers tend to be more Democratic. The breakdown for volunteers is 7 percent Republican, 62 percent Democrat, and 19 percent Independent, while college grads in the General Social Survey were 33 percent Republican, 30 percent Democrat, and 37 percent independent. I'm sure the numbers are similiar for non-Catholic volunteer programs.
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Anonymous said...

Democrat For others... I mean other Democrats

Anonymous said...

Would you be complaining if it were the other way around?

TonyD said...

I would be complaining.

The Church, for all its flaws, does teach from the Bible. There are real values hidden there.

Helping the poor is not a value, it is a judgment based on values. Promoting life is not a value, it is a judgment based on values. Either can be good or evil.

If this doesn't make sense, then it is worth taking the advice to be humble and to give a higher priority to your neighbor's values. A real understanding of God's values can't exist without humility and "love your neighbor".