Saturday, October 16, 2010


Provincial Stephan Kiechle, S.J.
However, in his Suddeutsche Zeitung interview, Fr Kiechle said his order would only be in a position to offer “symbolic payments”, adding that he expected some victims would “inevitably be disappointed” with the compensation. “It remains small and fragmented, as a sign of our helplessness in the face of this suffering”, the Jesuit superior said. “But sometimes, the guilty parties are unreasonable, and sometimes they’ve disappeared, fallen ill or died. In these cases, we as an order must recognise our fault and take responsibility”. 
The priest, who took over as Jesuit leader on 1 September, called at a recent conference for the abolition of compulsory celibacy and for women to be considered for admission to the priesthood.
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John C. Hathaway said...

It is one thing to discuss the possibility of ordaining married men to the diocesan priesthood--as the Byzantine Church does. I never understand, however, when a religious priest asks for married priests.

Anonymous said...

The provincial has a problem with the Exercises.

TonyD said...

I agree that those called by God should not be married.

The reasons are very practical. Very few understand what is asked in the advanced lessons – since God asks for thoughts and actions that do not conform to societal values. I know of no wife who would understand.

Even friends and relatives are subject to being part of lessons. In particular, direct attacks by evil are able to target people in the material world.

But very few are getting very advanced lessons- perhaps five people in this existence. And among those few who are getting those lessons, there may be only a few who are Catholic.

So, while those called by God for advanced lessons should not be married – since they are married to God – I would say that that does not generally apply to priestly callings.

Anonymous said...


Do you belong to Rev. Moon's Unification Church?

TonyD said...

I don't know anything about Rev. Moon's Unification Church.

Do they share some Catholic understanding of evil? Or God's judgment of our use of that free will to choose evil?