Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jesuit Roses

The well-known Jesuit, Brother Alphonsus Rodriguez, (here) used to say his Rosary with such fervor that he often saw a red rose come out of his mouth at each Our Father and a white rose at each Hail Mary. The red and white roses were equal in beauty and fragrance, the only difference being in their color.
Link (here) to read the rest of the post at the Lewis Crusade


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Joseph. I am so saddened by the shenanigans at America Mag. Now? They disallow the Catechism. If I read one more post about about homosexuality...The infidelity at America Mag, has, of late, nearly brought me to tears...

Anonymous said...

Some people of the anonymous movement have this occult rose in their symbolism. They recently made a new operation called OP Rose Awareness spreading their jesuit roses.