Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jesuits Says, "Socialism Consists In The Nationalization Of Property"

In fact, as Jesuit philosopher Fr. Victor Cathrein has rightly pointed out: “We call Socialism a system of political economy, not as if it did not also lead to many political and social changes, 
but because the gist of socialism consists in the nationalization of property and in the public administration and distribution of all goods.” 
 Nevertheless, “The fundamental principles of socialism belong not to economical but to metaphysical science. Foremost among its tenets is the equality of man...”
Link (here) to read the full article at Tradition, Family and Property


TonyD said...

Evaluating Socialism's consistency with God’s values is not simple.

“…pride and unbridled sensuality break down intellectual and moral barriers that preserve the order established by God…”
This underestimates the ability of God to provide lessons for the perfection of the soul.

“…socialist parties try to implement the homosexual agenda, promote or facilitate abortion, impose stringent "hate crime” laws, or advance other “politically correct” causes.”
Socialism reflects the values and interpretations of those who implement it -- that makes it worldly – and potentially both good and evil.

It can be useful to remember that Gods obligations are different from ours – so judgment must be used. We should make trade-offs he wouldn't – our definition of harm can and should be different from his. (This is of necessity. He allows pain, suffering, poverty, etc. when free will is involved – the same free will on which lessons are based.)

www.ciudad-real-3d.com said...

In my view every person ought to look at it.