Thursday, October 21, 2010

BC Rubber

Enterprising undergraduates at Boston College, having learned from their elders that compassion is measured in latex, are distributing condoms to their fellow students. One of the leaders in this initiative, writing in the campus newspaper, The Heights, expresses dismay that some people see the condom giveaway as an affront to the character of the Catholic school.
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Anonymous said...

It's easy, perhaps too easy, to criticize BC for allowing this to happen.

My observations at a Jesuit and other prestigious Catholic schools is that you can teach some people by telling them that "this is how it is, and this is what you'll do," and that this approach tends to be more effective at schools preparing people for blue collar professions.

When you teach aspiring professionals and in particular aspiring intellectuals, I've seen that "my way or the highway" didactics are generally counterproductive; the way to teach them is by example.

Were BC to clamp down, and institute rigid (perhaps Iranian style) social controls, you can be sure that most its clientele would desert to state, Protestant, and private competitors. Rather than perhaps unfairly blaming BC for making the compromises that it does, and may feel it must do, it may be a better use of one's time to see what BC offers that state and private schools don't.

TonyD said...

I agree with Anonymous.

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Anonymous said...

BC is another fraud of a Catholic school. But "Jesuit" and "fraud" are nearly synonymous. To the first Anonymous: thank you for confirming that BC is all about $$$$$$$$$$ and social prestige among leftist elites. Were it to actually insist on the Gospel, it might find itself ostracized by the very elitist, leftist, morally degenerate people it hopes to impress and recruit. God forbid that BC should suffer insult for the name of Christ!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3:

Whatever else, you are unable to read. I wrote the exact opposite of what you claim I did.

a #1

Anonymous said...

A#1, BC is NOT teaching by example (except for the one courageous Jesuit who decried what is taking place). BC is complicit in what is going on by tolerating it and taking no institutional action against it. Exactly how is BC setting an example of Catholic morality? Rather than writing in ways that are so ambiguous as to be able to be interpreted in two contrary ways (a Jesuit tactic), why don't you state your meaning plainly?

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous: if TonyD agrees with you, you're in bad company.

Anonymous said...

Also to the first anonymous: why don't you spell out what BC offers that other schools don't?

Anonymous said...

a) I don't care who agrees with me or disagrees with me. I care what I believe to be the truth.

b) are you the stupid anonymous who has already wasted too much of my time?

Anonymous said...

Lest my comments be taken as snotty, let me add that one simply can't have dialogues with people who question whether the definitions of common words in common dictionaries mean what they say.