Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jesuit On His Holinesses Trip To Great Britian

Pope Benedict XVI at Westminster Cathedral
The amount of teaching and instruction in this visit was enormous. The pope never lost an opportunity to speak to the young about their lives, about prayer and vocation. In Westminster Cathedral, at a blessing of young people at the font of the Cathedral, Benedict said: "Every day we have to choose to love, and this requires help, the help that comes from Christ, from prayer and from the wisdom found in his word, and from the grace which he bestows on us in the sacraments of the Church." Benedict quietly teaches us how to take care of our souls. "Deep within our heart," he told these young folks, "he (Christ) is calling you to spend time with him in prayer. But this kind of prayer, real prayer, requires discipline; it requires making time for moments of silence every day." Such advice is right out of A'Kempis or John Paul II, St. Bernard and St Benedict, in whose shadow, as the Archbishop of Canterbury remarked, all of England stands in buildings stemming from the Benedictine tradition.
Link (here) to read the entire essay by Fr. James Schall, S.J. entitled, "The Ultimate Meaning of Our Human Existence"at Insight Scoop from Ignatius Press.

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