Monday, October 4, 2010

The Hawk Will Never.................................

Barbelin Hall - St. Joseph's University
Moral values are under assault at St. Joseph’s University. Since 2001, the Jesuit university in Philadelphia PA has been sponsoring Unity Week, a pro-hom@sexual event first called Rainb@w Week. This year Unity Week will sponsor speakers and events that are in direct conflict with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church and the mission statement of the university, which affirms: “The Catholic character of Saint Joseph's University springs from its historical relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, and from its current embodiment of the great traditions of Catholic life and culture. For this University, Christ and the Church are sources of truth, guides and inspirations for life.”

However, according to a tentative 2010 Unity Week schedule forwarded to TFP Student Action, the following disturbing activities are planned, beginning on October 31:

•A talk by Shawn Decker, a pro-h@mosexual activist who promotes “safe-s@x” and contraception among college students;
•A talk by “LG@T advocate and policy attorney” Brian Sims, titled Coming Out on the Gridiron;
•A presentation by the Philadelphia G@y Men’s Chorus, suggestively titled “Brotherly Love;”
•A talk by Shiva Subbaraman, director of the LGBT/Q Center at Georgetown University
In previous years, Unity Week has:
•Screened R rated movies such as Brok@back Mountain and MILK;
•Featured “tr@nsgender woman,” Isis King;
•Featured hom@sexual activist Darren Manzella, advocate of open h@mosexuality in the U.S. Military;
•Hosted the L@g Cabin Republicans
•Sponsored “Rainbow Week Liturgy: A Eucharistic Celebration of Unity” 

Link (here) to read the full article at Spero News

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Maria said...

It is because of articles like this that I fasted today and said four rosaries in honor of the international week of fasting and prayer. I invite others to share in this... No food between 6 AM and 6 PM. One meal after 6:00