Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marquette University And Freshman Orientation Thought Reform

St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette
In a previous post, we discussed some of the things that go on during Freshman Orientation. We took particular exception to an exercise called “Take a Stand” which requires new Freshmen to publicly declare a position on some topic – often a topic that is highly contentious. 
We called the process “Stalinist thought reform.” We did not have the script of the monologues that students were exposed to before the “Take a Stand” exercise, nor did we have the instructions to Orientation staff people who lead the exercise. 
The Division of Student Affairs, which we asked to provide them, failed to do so. Our sources were students who had been through the exercise. This past Tuesday (September 21) we finally met with Jeff Janz, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, and L. Christopher Miller, Vice President for Student Affairs. They defended the program, and gave us access to the script and several sheets of guidelines and instructions given to both discussion leaders and new Freshmen.
Link (here) to read the lengthy and well documented post by John McAdams at the Marquette Warrior.

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