Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jesuit Ghost

The gothic Manresa Castle ( in Port Townsend was built in 1892 as a mayoral manor, then became a Jesuit monastery between 1927 and 1968. Two ghosts, in particular, have been associated with the Victorian-style inn. 
A severely depressed priest hung himself from the ceiling of the tower room. Guests have reported hearing footsteps or the sound of a strained rope, and one claimed to have seen a man in a black hooded robe standing over his bed. 

A young woman leaped from a window to her death, after learning that her lover had been lost at sea. Guests in her room insist they have perceived a woman dressed in early-20th-century wear, staring out toward the waterfront. “These are the two main ghosts that everybody knows about,” said Ashley Con, a night-shift desk clerk. “We had a psychic from Virginia who came here on vacation, so she was ignoring the ghosts, but they wouldn’t let her. She said they told her other spirits pass through the Manresa Castle all the time, almost like it’s a hotel for ghosts.”
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Anonymous said...

That's no ghost, it's the renegade Spirit of Vatican II!

Anonymous said...

As the Jesuits are not monks, they do not have monasteries. Residences perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Hotel for ghosts? Surely that's the present day SJ, isn't it?