Monday, October 18, 2010

The First

Max Voltage, 28, is a classically trained violinist since age 5 and has been coordinating performances since about the same age, recruiting neighborhood kids along with her brother to put on shows for parents and friends. When she was in college, Voltage was the president of the qu@er alliance at a Jesuit university and created the first dr@g show at a Catholic university in the United States. “I had never even been to a dr@g show before, but I rallied my theater friends, put together a boy band and made it happen,” recalls Voltage.

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TonyD said...

How can the University of Santa Clara encourage a life that transcends worldly logic and requests faith?

At the same time, how can it meet the request to “love your neighbor” with its associated respect for others values?

It can do so by clearly teaching God’s values – while allowing free will to operate.

In hindsight, the classes I took there were helpful. Ironically, it was a Philosophy class that taught me that our preconceptions of values like “good” and “evil” was not so “obvious” as I thought. As a result, I was able to accept with less questioning when that was required. My thanks to Fr. Felt.