Friday, October 29, 2010

The Jesuit Mission Of Fr. Francois Joseph le Mercier, S.J.

Huron Indians
Francois Joseph le Mercier was born at Paris, Oct. 4, 1604, and, at the age of eighteen, entered the Jesuit novitiate. In 1635, he came to Canada, and labored in the Huron mission until its destruction; he was at Ossossane in 1641-42, and at Ste. Marie-on the-Wye in 1644. In June, 1656, he went, with other Jesuits, on the mission to the Onondagas, returning to Quebec the following year. He remained on the St. Lawrence during the rest of his labors in Canada, being superior of the missions in that province from August, 1653, until 1658, and again from 1665 to 1670. In November, 1659, he was assigned to a mission at Cote de Beaupre, where he labored nearly a year, being declared vicar of Quebec in October,1660. Fr. Carlos Sommervogel, S.J.says that Le Mercier returned to France in 1673, and was then sent to Martinique as superior of that mission, where he remained until his death, June 12, 1690.
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