Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jesuit Volunteer: Patrick Manning

My Jesuit Volunteer Corp Placement: Day 1

I had an excellent first day at my placement. FLOC gave me a great orientation, lots of time meeting with the executive director, program coordinators, and my new colleague, a Lutheran Volunteer who is also from the Portland area. Kristina and I are both the high school program instructors for FLOC. She is teaching the freshman seminars. I'll be teaching the sophomores and we are co-teaching the junior classes. All grade levels pertain to students pursuing post-secondary education. The day went by quickly, and the program even took Kristina and I out for lunch in Adams Morgan. The program for students starts on September 14. But until then we are busy with lesson plans and finishing up our training for the school year.

It was great coming home tonight to my housemates and talking about our days' over dinner. After dinner, we went over to the other JVC house and had a community night with some former JVs. I'm looking forward to my upcoming year with FLOC and my experience with the JVC.

Information on FLOC:

Columbia Heights (area where we live):,_Washington,_D.C.

Adams Morgan (area where I work):

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