Monday, September 14, 2009

America Magazine Blogger: Cries Racism!

The grounds of the U.S. Capitol were the site of a conservative rally on Saturday that drew tens of thousands of protesters to Washington, D.C. The immediate occasion for the protest is the health care reform effort, but it quickly became obvious that some of the protesters’ complaints were of more antique vintage. What united them all was their animus towards the President and, sadly, it is time to ask how much of a factor racism is playing in these Tea Party protests.

Link (here) to the myopic opinion / editorial piece by Micheal Sean Winters in the In All Things blog.

Dear Fr. James Martin, S.J. ,

Can we please get a second opinion that does not sling the racism word around so cavalierly? The Taliban are racists, not my 70 year old Catholic retired firefighter uncle who participated in the Tea Party / Washington event. Oh, and the word "fetish" really should not be used at all, in any America piece.


Joseph Fromm

Some more info on the "Big Message" event in Washington

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Michele Malkin's, "The Tea Party Grows"
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Blogger Note:

Micheal Sean Winters issues a retraction (here) over his racism post. It is good to see a more civil discussion at America. America is not the Daily Kos, The Huffington Post nor It represents the 500 year holy history of the Society of Jesus. Winters forgets that his paper in which he inks is built on Jesus Christ and His Company, not his radical left wing temper tantrums.


James Martin, SJ said...

Dear Mr. Fromm,
Thanks for your letter, though it's probably better to send it to the magazine to be certain that I receive it: (Another blogger alerted me to your letter on your blog.) Also, did you want us to post it as a comment to Michael Sean Winters' blog? If so, I'd be happy to send it to our online editor, Maurice Timothy Reidy.
Jim Martin, SJ

Anonymous said...

America Magazine is a rag. It's just about sunk to the level of dissidence and absurdity characterized by the National Catholic Reporter. The Jesuits are falling quickly. I canceled my subscription to America about five years ago. I've never missed it since.

Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Fr. Martin,

Thank you for your response. You once made a comment about the importance of civility in blogging, especially at America.



Anonymous said...

Dear Father Martin,
I want you to know that this blog from a wise Catholic man has brought me closer to God and Catholicism than any young Jesuit priest, lay Jesuit puppet or America magazine could ever possibly do. Trust me when I tell you God, Jesus and the Blessed Mother are guiding the souls and hearts of your dissidents and discards.

Anonymous said...

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Stephen Scalf said...

We are a Christian based organization with one goal: Enlightenment of the entire world to one simple fact. Christ Only Loves One Race…The human race.

Stephen Scalf said...

Great Post.

We are a Christian based organization with one goal: Enlightenment of the entire world to one simple fact. Christ Only Loves One Race…The human race.