Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Ateneo Dollhouse

From the keen and astute Jesuit observer in the Philippines, The Monks Hobbit lets the world in on what is happening at Ateneo University in the Philippines.

His latest post is about the sliding away from the Jesuit practices of just a few years ago in to a more "Pop Culture" atmosphere.

(Here) is an excerpt from his blog post.

I think Ateneo de Manila is trying to catch up with Georgetown University, another Jesuit University, who already has a Gay Campus Centre with a Homosexual Director.

The Dollhouse is not still an official center in the Ateneo, but they have claimed a patch of land in Ateneo to be their own and the Administration is not minding them.
But the Gay lobby in Ateneo is making its presence felt in the Ateneo. You see this in the books published in the Ateneo de Manila University Press, such as Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in Diaspora (Philippine Edition). The English and Filipino classes are also permeated with gay and lesbian themes. This is not surprising, since Danton Remoto, an English professor in Ateneo, is the chairman of Ladlad, the national organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Filipinos. He is running for Senator of the Republic of the Philippines this 2010 elections.

The Dead Jesuits Society: Sodality, Rosary, and Angelus

The dead Jesuits must be turning in their graves–or rather, they look down from the heavens and gaze with sadness at what Ateneo de Manila had become.
Ateneo de Manila, the foremost Jesuit University in the Philippines, was once the bastion of Catholic Faith before the World War II. It is said that at that time no one can run as the school’s student council president unless he is a member of the Sodality of Our Lady. But the devotion to our Lady is dying at the Ateneo.

The rosary is now rarely said here: in all my years here in the Ateneo, I can count with my fingers the masses that I have seen that started with a rosary.


Ava said...

I graduated from Ateneo. I understand all the nuances of being a graduate or former student of Ateneo. I now live in the U.S. and has been "successful". Mind you though, success is manifested in many different ways. Life is short. Life is complex and ever changing. Embrace radical changes. Change is GOOD. Without change, life is stagnant. Understand?

Ava said...

Nothing stays the same. To compare it to the past, is like comparing it to the cementery. Everything in life changes and moves forward. FORWARD and question everything.