Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jesuit Verses Americanism

The heresy of Americanism, condemned by Leo XIII, is the watering down of the Catholic faith to fit Protestant America. Tragically this heresy’s significant adherent was Fr. Feeney’s bishop, archbishop Cushing. In my opinion, he was more of a backslapping, handshaking politician than a bishop who was soon to be wearing the red hat signifying the blood of martyrdom in the defense of the faith. Fr. Lenard Feeney, S.J. stood up in the clash of Catholic America rising out of the lower economic boroughs, largely in cities, and assimilating into non catholic, anti catholic America such as in Cambridge Ma.

Link (here) to comments section of Brother Andre Marie's blog post entitled, Father Z on the Feeneyites, Brother's blog is called appropriately, Brother Andre Marie's Weblog.

Link (here) to the wonderful world of Pat McNamara and his Irish Catholic Humanist blog, were you find this picture of Fr. Feeney and a short bio / history piece.

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