Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Venerable Flemish Jesuit, Fr. Leonard Lessius On The Dominion Of God

The Dominion of God.

"I WILL bless Thee all my life long and in *- Thy name I will lift up my hands." (Ps. lxii). "Thou art the King of kings and the Lord of lords." (I Tim. vi). "Thou art the Lord of all and there is none that can resist Thy majesty." (Esther xiii).

All things persevere in their course in pursuance of Thy command; all creatures observe the law which Thou hast given, and each one renders Thee homage according to its capacity and power; all confess in unison that Thou art their Creator and their Master.

Thou hast sovereign power over all. Thou canst dispose of all, according to Thy good pleasure, and none has the right to demand an account of Thy actions and to say: "Why hast Thou done this?" All the kings and rulers of this world with all their pomp and magnificence, with all their kingdoms and armies, with all their riches and majesty are but worms of the earth, and as nothing in Thy sight.
The least of Thy servants who has the honor to serve Thee in Thy heavenly palace is greater than all kings together, and no earthly potentate is capable of supporting the majesty of the least of those who form Thy court. Everything mortal melts like wax in presence of the splendor of an angel and faints away before him.
What then is the glory of Thy majesty which is infinitely greater and more excellent than that of all the angels. "Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised and of His greatness there is no end. Generation and generation shall praise Thy works and they shall declare Thy power." (Ps. cxliv.) The kings and kingdoms of earth will suddenly fall and be reduced to naught but Thy kingdom shall endure for ever and all Thine enemies shall be under Thy feet.
The kingdom of the demons and the wicked which now disturbs the world in its oppression of justice and truth shall be utterly destroyed. But Thy kingdom shall keep all under its domination and Thou shalt be all in all.

Link (here) to the full portion of the chapter named The Dominion of God in book entitled, The Names of God by the venerable Flemish Jesuit, Fr. Leonard Lessius.

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