Monday, September 28, 2009

Jesuit Volunteer: Jordan

Today is the first full day of my Jesuit Volunteer Corp experience and I don’t want to miss a beat, my unconscious already knows this......Soon enough I was awaken to the voice of someone asking me “you’re a JV right….”and that was how it started with Bethy, a legacy JV from WA who had just been working for a year in Alaska. We talked quite a bit about ourselves and finally we joined up with the group who had been standing a ways away, easily identifiable as the JV group (a group of 20 somthings with an optimistic look about them with a significant amount of baggage). I immediately met a few people who were in my house in DC, Kristina, Emily, Lucas.

Link (here) to the full post entitled, Journal entry #4 the blog is called JVC- Blog O My Life.

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