Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fr. Paul Ginhac, S.J. On The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Father Paul Ginhac, S.J. wrote in his diary, September 3, 1877:
" I took possession of the new house for the Tertianship at Paray-le- Monial, on the Feast of the Seven Dolours of the Blessed Virgin. How the Blessed Virgin suffered to co-operate in the Redemption and become a Mother ! To bring forth souls for Christ, to make them grow in Christ, to preserve and perfect them in Christ, we must suffer. It is, above all, in a house of Third Probation that souls are engendered, if not in the First Degree of Humility, at least in the Second, but principally in the Third."

To form Jesus Crucified in souls is now the only ambition of the Instructor, and he puts his work under the protection of Our Lady of Pity, for whom, following the example of St. Ignatius, he had a great devotion. With what consolation and confidence he begins his work in Paray! To live near the monastery which witnessed the apparitions of the Saviour, and which shelters the relics of Blessed Margaret Mary; to dwell under the same roof with the remains of the Venerable Father de la Colombiere; none could appreciate such a privilege better than he. In such favourable surroundings his devotion to the Sacred Heart will receive a new impetus; henceforth, more than before, he will be the Apostle of the Sacred Heart.

Link (here) to the mentioned portion of the book entitled, A Man After God's Own Heart: Life of Father Paul Ginhac, S. J., by Fr. Arthur Calvet, S.J.

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