Monday, September 21, 2009

A Jesuit Volunteer In Micronesia And His Boils

The last activity - titled "the Carbuncle Challenge" has been an ongoing activity ever since I arrived in Pohnpei. I realize that by sharing my stories of boils in a public setting, I am forfeiting any dates that may have been coming my way in the future. Oh well - my boil count is approximately at 4. I will only expand on the ones that are interesting.

As more and more JVs volunteer in exotic climates, it seems like boils get more and more nicknames. For example, I have already had a "Watson" and hopefully will never get a "Hendricks." I feel like I have a new term to introduce to the boil world. The "Prouhet."
A multi-headed boil located on the head. For me specifically, my left temple. My most recent one was on my knee and kept me up hours and hours while trying to sleep.
I had plenty of time to listen to our cats chasing the rats in our ceiling. I just picture a classic Tom and Jerry episode happening directly over my head.

So yeah, so many activities happening lately. I can see why Luke and Jo say that time really flies when school is in session. I would love to keep going, but progress reports are due tomorrow and I need to get on it. Kaselel till next post!

Link (here) to Philip full blog post entitled, So Many Things, his blog is call Micronesian Times

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