Monday, September 14, 2009

The Zen Jesuit On The Mantra Benedictine

Father Robert Kennedy, S.J., professor of theology, led the 2009 John Main Seminar, titled "When God Disappears." The John Main Seminar, held this year from August 28-30, celebrates the life and teaching of the Benedictine monk whose life's work was passing on the ancient practice of Christian meditation to anyone who wanted to learn. The seminar was held at The Christian Meditation Centre, St. Mark’s (Church of England Parish, not Catholic), Myddelton Square, London, and was preceded by a three-day silent retreat, which he also led.

Link (here) to the Inside St. Peter's College blog.

Photo of Fr. John Main, O.S.B

Blogger Note: Fr. John Main was assigned 1954 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he met the Swami Satyananda, who taught him meditation utilizing a mantra as the means used to arrive at meditative stillness. It is my opinion that 40 years does not qualify as ancient Christian practice.

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