Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Jesuit Martyr Took With Honor A Name From A Jesuit Martyr

The impression that Father Edmund Campion made on the mind of Father William Weston may be best gathered from the name that he chose in the place of his own by which to be called when sent on the English mission.
Edmund Campion had then set the crown to his apostolic career by his happy martyrdom, and Father Weston, out of veneration for him, took the name of Edmonds,
by which he was better known in England than by his own. This was not the only instance of homage of this sort to Campion's name. In those times it was necessary for all who thought of coming on the English mission to conceal their identity as far as possible by change of name.
The love of Father Campion must have been strong to induce a priest to take a name that was so likely to draw attention to him, and bring him into trouble; yet this was what was done by the martyred priest, whom we honour under the name of Edward Campion.
His true name was Edwards, and he said on his examination, as Lord Keeper Puckering (here) notes against him, that "he wisheth he were no worse a traitor than Campion, that was executed for treason."

Link (here) to the full account in the book entitled, The Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers, by Fr. John Morris, S.J.

Engraving is of the Tower of London.

Father Weston was a prisoner for the Faith for seventeen years, partly in the Clink prison and the Tower, London, partly at Wisbech Castle. Link (here)

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