Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Occupy Movement Moves On To The Jesuit Headquarters

Occupying Wall Street is fine, but if the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (G.I.A.B.O.) is to achieve anything it must identify and target the source of it all. The global banking cartel is controlled by the Vatican. The Vatican is controlled by the Jesuits headquartered at Borgo Santo Spirito.
Link (here) to the Facebook site of Occupy the Vatican and Borgo Santo Spirito
The Occupy Movement 
via Fordham University Professor and America Magazine contributor Tom Beaudoin
What would be the last straw that would make you join such a movement? Would it be the episcopal malfeasance and coverup known as the sexual abuse crisis, would it be the steady disaffiliation, deconversion, and detachment of your family members or friends from the faith as church structures, teachings, and practices become steadily more incredible in contemporary society, or would it be the failure of the church to practice in its internal affairs the justice it preaches to the world -- or something else?
Link (here) Tom Beaudoin at America Magazine the leading Jesuit publication in the United States


Anonymous said...

thank you for showing it, I have immediately joined the movement

Frommage for President said...

Come on! What world do these people live in? The Jesuits live in resentful apprehension of the Vatican. The Vatican is on the outlook for heretical Jesuits and is the first to instigate investigations. Individual Jesuits work in Vatican departments, ut they are closely vetted before employment. The idea of the Society controlling the Vatican is paranoic fantasy. Jesuits are now a spent force.

2020blogger said...

Is that why the new Pope is a Jesuit?

Anonymous said...

Please Google Jesuit Oath.