Monday, January 9, 2012

The Goal Of The Spiritual Exercises

According to St. Ignatius, the goal of his Spiritual Exercises, and indeed the goal of all prayer, is to help us seek and find “the will of God in the disposition of our life for the salvation of our soul” (#1).
It is God’s will that you be one with him forever in the Kingdom of Heaven. Through prayer you are united one day at time with this loving will of God that fills you with warmth and light, that makes you “a burning and shining lamp” 
that will guide others to the Lord just as St. John the Baptist did.

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Maria said...

"Lord Jesus, we thank you for giving us the converted sinner Iñigo, who became Ignatius of Loyola, to teach us through his Spiritual Exercises that what Christ most wants from us is that we become saints. But dear Lord, you know how blind we are. You know how weak we are. We beg you, give us the light for the mind to see Your will and strength for our free will to conform our own selfish wills to Your divine will so that through us, dear Jesus, we might bring others to heaven with us because none of us will reach heaven alone. WE SHALL EITHER BRING OTHERS TO HEAVEN WITH US, OR WE SHALL NOT REACH OUR ETERNAL DESTINY OURSELVES. Amen."
--John Hardon SJ