Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Jesuit Educated Atheist

I REALLY want to respect these guys. Their awesome, and the Jesuit high school I went to was amazing. My best friend is going to be a Jesuit as well. Their brilliant people, open minded, thoughtful, skeptical of traditional thought patterns, and very kind. Everything I strive to be as an atheist. But they dedicate their lives to god. Every time I see one, I get this disappointed feeling, like their wasting their lives, because I know they, of all the religious people in the world, are the most tolerant and brilliant. I want to respect them, like a lot, not only for my best friend, but also because they could do a lot more for the world. They do a lot, but they're only scratching their potential. 
Link (here) to Think Atheist


Anonymous said...

Apparently he doesn't believe in spelling, too.

Anonymous said...

That saying on ''atheism" made me laugh.