Friday, January 13, 2012

Somes Notes From The 1974 General Congregation Of The Society Of Jesus

On liturgical abuses
Cardinal Paolo Dezza, S.J.
Fr. Paolo Dezza, S.J. particularly has liturgical laws in mind - e.g. tampering with liturgical forms and language ("in not a few places the lack of observance of these norms is frequent".)

On dissension
If the pilgrim Church stands in need of purification "the best way to improve it is not public criticism and controversy" but "suitable ways to bring correction and remedy without a great deal of noise and provoking scandals." Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. is called upon as a witness to the fact that in St. Ignatius' voluminous correspondence which contributed so effectively to Church reform "there is not a word of criticism against ecclesiastical superiors. "

On Jesuit Formation
Young Jesuit aspirants should be formed for "a deep and solid faith" strong enough to resist modern temptations and life's difficulties. The young should participate responsibly in their formation but we should not permit students to cancel the action of the educator. A young religious is not mature at the beginning of the process nor does he have experience. He must be solidly formed in philosophy and theology as required by Sapientia Christiana. Philosophy is especially important as a gateway for theological training and, respecting all theological specialties, there should be no neglect of training in a systematic theology so that "our scholastics receive that complete and organic knowledge of the fundamental points of Catholic doctrine"

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