Friday, January 27, 2012

Neither Amused Nor Shocked

On Monday evening in Hamburg, the controversial play "Golgotha Picnic" was performed in Germany. The SSPX has previously called for protests yesterday evening and had also called for a vigil outside the theater. According to the CBA the protest was attended by about 20 people, according to the "Star" magazine, there were 60 participants. Following the play there was a panel discussion at which the ministers who attended, a Catholic school rector, Jesuit, Father Hermann Breulmann
He was "neither amused nor shocked, but thoughtful," said the degreed philosopher of religion. "It was strong stuff, but I have found points where I can say, this piece has something." It raises questions and has an >>intensely deep grammar<<. If you have read Nietzsche, not all of its alienation from God is strange, said Breulmann. Actually it poses a question about all freedom of art, if the aesthetic of the piece has crossed any borders. I would not, however, characterize the play as blasphemous. 
"I would have thought that the Good Lord would have let things be cool," said the elderly Jesuit. Even Jesus said with his last words, "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" since in the core that would not have been blasphemous, he did not agree with the criticisms leveled by the protesters.
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Tancred said...

The post has been revised, somewhat. It should be clear that the Jesuit doesn't agree with the protesters and that he believes that Christ committed blasphemy, and thus, was "blasphemous to the core".