Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fr. William "Bix" Bischel, S.J. Put In Solitary Confinment At SeaTac Federal Prison

Fr William "Bix" Bischel, S.J. was very happy to see and hear all who came to visit and wanted either to invite everyone in or go out and be with them. He had a strong sense they were angels, which gave him intense joy. He went onto comment that “it was so right they should be there.” His captors on the other hand had a slightly different experience. First reprimanding him for being out of compliance (whatever that meant), he was told he was going to be “written up” and what happened was to be “reported.” The rest is history –
in early morning he was suddenly awakened, grabbed out of bed, shackled, and returned to SeaTac by the marshals. 
Their actions and manner of treatment made it known to him how he would proceed. Upon his arrival at SeaTac he made it clear he intended to be in complete non compliance with their demands; their recourse, which was to be expected, would be to place him in “protective custody or the special housing unit (SHU)”“the hole”!
Link (here) to Solitary Watch


Sawyer said...

When you don't have to pay a mortgage or rent, when you don't have to pay for your own food or transportation, when all your living expenses are provided for by a "religious community" that won't reprimand you for childish behavior... it all invites immaturity. "Bix" is a geriatric juvenile who thinks he's more grown up than thou. He wastes the time of government officials, he wastes taxpayer money, he wastes the time and money of his Jesuit brothers with his recalcitrance, typical of the narcissism that is characteristic of a juvenile mindset.

Maria said...

Well done, Sawyer :) It is all about T-H-E-M.

Poor Bix. He thinks that God didn't come to save us from sin. He came to save us from nuclear armaments. Oh, that's not in the Gospel?

Phil said...

You can not serve both God and Mammon (The bomb).
Matthew 6:24

Maria said...

You can not serve both God and Mammon (The bomb).

Oh, but you can, Phil. You must not read America Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cozy for you armchair Christians, right?