Friday, January 27, 2012

These Callous And Murderous Times.

I am always amused—just before becoming infuriated—by animal rights activists who argue against fur or leather coats screaming, “How would you like to have your skin ripped from you?” Question?   
How does it feel to have a needle puncture the base of the skull and suck out the brain without anesthesia?  How does it feel to have one’s head crushed?   
 The Gospel calls us to be disciples whose belief leads to action, even when that action is unpopular.  Today we are called to be like the prophet Jonah, who is described in The Jewish Study Bible as “the most successful prophet in the Bible.”  We are called to make our voices heard in these callous and murderous times.
Link (here) to read the full piece by Fr. Jack SJ MD


Anonymous said...

Seems as if Fr. Jack should be working night & day to stop this--no occasional writings and a few marches.

Tim said...

Your picture is offensive and reprehensible. God does not use fear or terror to force people into relationship with Him. If we claim to be Christians, followers of Jesus, should we not imitate him, his actions, and his words? Please take that image down. All you are doing is adding fuel to an already raging fire. As an adamant pro-lifer, I find it offensive. Honor the dead by not posting them on public internet, especially the unborn.

Tancred said...

I'm not sure how the above picture is doing more than educate people. I'm also not sure how this is supposed to be reprehensible.

Tim said...

Would you educate your children with that image? Would you put an image of a woman being raped on the internet to educate our youth about rape? As a Jesuit, I find this image disturbing. I do not intend to be drawn into a debate about the issue, we agree on the horror and tragedy of abortion. I only question the tactics. If that were your child, or the child of someone you love, would you want that image posted for public view? It's a matter of respect, respect for the dead. I pray that it be removed.


Maria said...

Contraception: Fatal to the Faith
and Eternal Life

"...Thirty years ago, Paul VI appealed to the conscience of the world when he warned about "the consequences of practicing artificial birth control." His warning was prophetic. What have been the consequences of contraception in one once-civilized nation after another?

They have been myriad. But I would give especially seven, which may be listed in sequence.

Breakdown of the family; and
Murder of the unborn...

I have saved abortion as the last of the seven deadly consequences of contraception. This, too, is a law of human behavior. Abortion follows contraception like the law of gravity.

This is obvious. As people come to equate sexual pleasure with the self-gratification, there is no limit to their lustful pride. Contraception has taught them to have their own way. They will stop at nothing to have their way, not even murder of their unborn offspring.

Respect for human life requires selfless love of human beings. As a nation is nurtured on contraceptive self-indulgence, it becomes a nation that kills innocent children – if they are an obstacle to the self-gratification of those who brought them into existence.

It has been correctly said that Humanae Vitae divides the Catholic Church into two periods of history. The Church will survive only among those who believe that contraception is deadly to both Christianity and the promise of a heavenly reward. Normally thirty years is a short time. But in this case it has been long enough to prove who are still truly Catholics. They are those who believe that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. "If you love me," Jesus said, "keep my commandments." The single most tested commandment of the Savior today is that contraception is fatal to the true faith and to eternal life."
--John Hardon SJ

When was the last time you heard a priest preach about the evils of contraception? NOW the Bishops are outraged? Fifty percent of all Bishops dissented against Humanae Vitae at time it was issued. Forty years too late to this war.

Anonymous said...

Please provide a photograph of women who died from unsafe abortions. I some links to such photographs if you need them.

Maria said...

It seems I am not alone. Watch "An Army with No Soldiers" (Michael Voris) @: