Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kill Shot Fr. Prakah John, A Jesuit Priest. On 26 April 2008

Nepali Christians await Christmas, for the first time without the risk of attacks. AsiaNews sources say that churches, homes, hotels and shops in Kathmandu are decorated to the nines this year, all Nepalese want to celebrate Christmas. Young Catholics have organized choruses of Christmas carols at home for Christian families. They say that they have refused many offers because of the high demand. Mina Ghimire, 40, a Hindu convert to Christianity stresses that "in the past I was very afraid to go to church, especially at Christmas time, because of the risk of attacks and threats by Hindu extremists." 
"For years - she says - I have avoided talking about my conversion to friends and relatives. Today our society is changing, the population of Hindus respect us. These days I attended Mass in the cathedral without shame along with my daughters. Now everybody knows I'm Catholic. "
In recent years, Nepal has recorded several murders and attacks against religious minorities, usually at the hands of Hindu extremists. In 2008, gunmen belonging to a lunatic fringe kill shot Fr. Prakah John, a Jesuit priest. On 26 April 2008, the NDA detonated a bomb inside the mosque Birantnagar, killing two people. On May 23, 2009, the same group, place a bomb in the Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption of Kathmandu. The toll was two dead and 13 wounded.
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