Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lawsuits Keep Coming

Another 17 orphans have sued Fairfield University and affiliated religious and charitable organizations for negligence over sexual abuse they say they suffered while living in a Haitian orphanage founded and operated by a celebrated alumnus of the Connecticut school who later was prosecuted as a pedophile. Three additional suits were filed last year containing similar allegations of negligence arising from the abuse of destitute street children who were admitted to Project Pierre Toussaint, a school and orphanage in Cap Haitien founded by Fairfield University graduate Douglas Perlitz.
Link (here) to The Hartford Courant

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kate said...

Thanks for raising this.

I can say on one hand, why are there always lawsuits....

But I know not much good happens -- injured people are not helped -- so a lawsuit is needed to make that happen. People actually recoil from victims.

Pay attention to the sources of information about victims. Look up Paul Kendrick, for example. He is an alum of Jesuit schools and he went to Haiti to see for himself what efforts were being made for these young men. Fairfield University and the Jesuits and the donors to the Haiti program pulled back at the worst time for the victims when the crimes were exposed.

So, about 85 poor Haitian young men might get help from a lawsuit. May God be with them.