Tuesday, September 14, 2010

St. Teresa Of Avila On Fr. Paul Hernadez, S.J.

St. Teresa of Avila
A father of the Society of Jesus, Paul Hernandez, to whom I used to go for confession when I was there making arrangements for the foundation in Malagon,1 and who was very desirous to see a monastery of out order built there, when he heard of his illness went to speak to him, and showed him that it would be a very great service rendered to our Lord if he founded the monastery, that he could establish in it the chaplains and chapelries, and that the solemnities and other observances which he was resolved to institute in one of the parishes of the city could be kept in the monastery. He was now so ill that he saw he had not time enough to arrange the matter, so he left it all in the hands of his brother, Alonzo Alvarez Ramirez; that done, God took him to Himself. He did very right, for Alonso Alvarez is a most discreet man, fearing God, given to almsdeeds, and accessible to reason; of him, for I have had much to do with him, I can say this as an eyewitness in all truth.
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